Selected Companies & Applied Services

  • AIDA Cruises: Project Management trainings (international), Management Simulations
  • Airbus AG: Conflictmanangement training
  • AkzoNobel AG: HR Business Partner Program, Management trainings
  • Allianz AG: Change workshops, Development-Center (international)
  • AOK Hessen: Development-ACs
  • Apollo Optik GmbH: Interview training for personnel selection
  • AutoVision GmbH: Management trainings
  • B.Braun AG: Interview trainings for personnel selection
  • Gebr. Heinemann GmbH: Management trainings
  • Mercedes Benz AG: Placement consultations
  • Deutsche Telekom AG: Management trainings
  • Deutsche Bank AG: Interview trainings for personnel selection
  • Europäisches Patentamt: Communication trainings (international), Time management trainings (international)
  • ERGO Insurance Group: Development Centres
  • Fördern & Wohnen GmbH: Personnel development workshop
  • GDF Suez Deutschland AG: Team workshops, Coachings und Assessment Centres
  • Gestamp Umformtechnik GmbH: 360° feedbacks, Modular Junior Management programs
  • Grundfos GmbH: Single- and Group Assessment Centres
  • HZT Hamburger Zahntechnik GmbH: Coachings, Team workshop
  • InBev AG: Group-Assessment Center
  • Monier Group AG: Development and Implementation of international Development Centres
  • Rheinmetall AG: Team workshops, Development-Center (international)
  • Roche AG: Development Centres
  • Rolls Royce AG: Resilience workshops
  • RWE AG: Young executive program
  • Schottel GmbH: 360° feedbacks, Management trainings, Coachings
  • Sparkasse Kassel: Communication training
  • Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH: Coachings, Management trainings, Assessment Centres
  • Unilever AG: Management trainings, Personality trainings
  • Verein für Integrative Angebote e.V.: Management trainings, Coachings, Assessment Centres
  • Volkswagen AG: Development workshop
  • VPV Versicherungs AG: Team workshops, Management trainings, Coachings
  • Watts Industries GmbH: Coachings, Team workshops
  • Xing

What Clients Say About Me

After the coaching with Dr. Degenhardt I changed my drastically communication behaviour. Now I listen more and thank my subordinates for their contributions. I have been much more successful in my projects since then."
Gerhard Feske, Project Manager, TÜV Süd

The seminar "Basics of people management" with Dr. Degenhardt was by far the best seminar I have ever attended.
Achim Röhl, Project Manager, DeLoitte & Touche

One of the best seminars I have attended was "The manager as people developer" with Dr. Degenhardt.
Rainer Schrödel, Department Head-Legal, VPV Versicherungen

Thanks to the assessment centres with Robert we were able to staff our teams with excellent new managers and successfully support our young executives.
Olaf Drewicke, International HR Manager, Imperial Tobacco Group

The high degree of acceptance of Dr. Degenhardt at every level of our organization was a significant factor in the successful implementaion of our 360° feedback process.
Sven Schäffer, Head of HR Gestamp Umformtechnik GmbH

His professionalism and result-orientation always make the collaboration with Robert a successful experience.
Thomas Lehment, General Manager, HR-Horizonte GmbH

With his humor in particular, Dr. Degenhardt manages to create an enthusiastic and laid-back atmosphere. In short: His seminars are always a lot of fun.
Hendrik Leuschke, Head of the DGFP Academy

We employed Dr. Degenhardt as a project manager in Asia because of his international experience and we were thrilled how well these projects went from the point of view of all stakeholders.
Marian Habbel, Head of Corporate Development, Monier Group AG